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Car Repair & Maintenance in Rock Springs, WY

RS Auto Repair has provided quality car and truck repair in Rock Springs, WY since 2013. Our team of technicians are proud to offer a full range of maintenance and repair services for foreign and domestic vehicles. In addition, we provide light duty and medium truck maintenance and repair. Whether your vehicle is in need of major repairs or routine maintenance, our goal is to extend the life of your vehicle and keep you safely on the road.

Our company was founded on the idea of honesty, integrity, and Christian values. We pride ourselves for providing reliable vehicle maintenance services. We have over 20 years of experience in the auto repair industry. We are proud to be family owned and operated and support local organizations. We are part of TECH-NET’s nationwide network of auto shops, so you can count on us for honest, reliable, and trustworthy service.

Our vehicle repair and maintenance services include:

Preventive Maintenance

Regular oil changes, air filter replacement and other maintenance services keep your vehicle operating properly. Bringing your car or truck in for regular service can help extend its life and help us diagnose issues before they become costly issues.

Scheduled Maintenance

Following your manufacturer’s regular maintenance schedule is another way to keep your vehicle running optimally. We have the skill and expertise to maintain your vehicle and handle regular tune ups and basic services.

Computer Diagnostics

If your check engine light is on or flashing, you should have your vehicle checked as soon as possible. There are a number of reasons the light may be on, and with our diagnostic services, we will get to the heart of the problem. In addition to check engine lights, we can also diagnose a range of other issues using our computer system.

Brake Repair

As your vehicle ages, your brakes and brake components are bound to wear down. Regular inspection and service on your brakes ensures your vehicle is safe to drive. Our brake services include: brake pad replacement, caliper inspection, brake line repair and inspection, rotor-drum refinishing or replacement, ABS Control diagnostics and more.

Exhaust Systems

When your muffler needs repair, it is easy to tell. Other issues however, may not be as easy to detect. Regular exhaust system maintenance and inspection includes maintain the exhaust pipes, muffler and catalytic converter. All of these components prevent dangerous gases from leaking into your vehicle and reduce the pollutants your car produces.

Engine Service & Repair

After your car or truck is diagnosed, we will work with you to determine a repair plan and get you back on the road. In addition to engine diagnostic services, we will inspect, maintain and repair your fuel injection system and timing belts, and can perform full engine replacements.

Fleet Discounts

If you own and operate a fleet of vehicles we offer discounts for fleet services. Contact us today for more information.


Having your transmission regularly checked can save you from costly repairs down the line. In the event you do need your transmission serviced, our technicians have the experience and skills to efficiently repair and rebuild your transmission.


Maintaining your differentials is important to keep your car or truck running smoothly and efficiently. We will inspect your differential fluid levels and top it off as needed. In addition, we will inspect your differentials for signs of serious wear to help anticipate and prevent failure.

Dedicated to Quality Customer Service & Reliable Auto Repair

With over 20 years of automotive repair experience, you can count on the technicians at RS Auto Repair. We are proud to serve customers from across Rock Springs, WY with reliable car, light duty and medium truck services. From simple brake light bulb replacements to engine overhauls, we have the skills and experience to get the job done right.

For more information about our services or to request a quote for maintenance or repairs, please contact us at 307-362-2286 or visit our facility today.